Solar Energy Solutions

ALOSUN is a progressive solar power company specialising in bespoke solar solutions for clients, consultants, architects and developers. We keep abreast of the latest developments in this fast changing industry in order to offer the best possible solution. We champion renewable energy over fossil fuels for the health of our environment, while meeting the practical needs of our customers.

In Latin ‘ALO’ means ‘to nourish, cherish, support, sustain, maintain, and keep’. 

  • We believe that New Zealand can have 100% renewable energy by 2030 – and we want to help.
  • We believe that people of the Pacific should have fair access to energy, water and technology.

We invest our time and energy into good projects that help to increase the quality of life for humans, while not harming Earth. We like to work with kind people and ethical businesses! You can be sure that by supporting us, you will be enabling our efforts to decrease our carbon footprint.

Port Hills - 2.5kW

Grid-Tied Solar on ORION’s Network


A grid-tied solar system is an electricity generating solar PV array that is connected to the utility grid, via the distribution board. It creates free electricity during sunshine hours – and should sustain the daytime electricity load of the building. Excess solar power is fed into the electricity network (grid), and system owners are paid a fee per kWh exported.*  Electricity is not stored in batteries and the system will shut-down in the event of a grid-failure. *Select Electricity Retailers Only



PowerRouter in the Home The hybrid solar system is an electricity generating solar PV array that is connected to the utility grid via the distribution board, but also includes a battery bank for energy storage. The principle behind it is simply brilliant. When the sun shines, the solar energy is converted to energy for use by appliances. Energy not consumed immediately is stored in batteries for later use. If more energy is generated after the charging process, additional appliances can be supplied or the power can be exported to the grid.



Steca Off-Grid HouseOff-grid solar power is stand-alone solar generation that is independent of the power grid.  It is a solution for locations where grid connection is not feasible. Using primarily a photo-voltaic array to generate power, they can also be combined with a diesel generator or a wind turbine. Storage is within a battery bank. Power drawn directly from the battery will be ‘direct current extra low voltage’ (DC ELV) which is used for DC lighting and other DC appliances. An inverter may also be used to create AC 230V – for normal appliances.



Mobile SOLAR CONTAINERS and SOLAR TRAILERS with easy installation and commissioning. Packup and secure panels during a cyclone or security event.

Easy to remove and reposition. Ideal for short-term power needs or long-term power supply in cyclone-prone environments (ie New Caledonia and Vanuatu)


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Our Solar Home Systems are available in either 12V [LSHS] or 3.25V  [PSHS]. They are a small off-grid expandable solar energy system that is capable of powering several light and appliance loads at once – including televisions! This is an affordable solution – perfect for homes, baches and sheds – for all your lighting needs, or for emergencies. Easy for anyone to self-install (see pictures) no expensive electrician required! We supply individual components and complete installation kits with instructions.