Tesla, SolarCity quietly selling building battery projects

SolarCity in the US have combined with Tesla – who import laptop batteries and pack them together in a box. This is charged by solar panels and provides power to essential apppliances during a grid failure.


Electric car company Tesla (s TSLA) and solar roof installer SolarCity have quietly been making deals that could one day lead to dozens of sales of battery projects coupled with rooftop solar systems built at both residential and commercial buildings in California. SolarCity confirmed the energy storage plans with me, and the duo have submitted at least 70 applications for projects to attempt to receive rebates from the California Public Utility Commission’s Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) , which provides incentives for distributed energy generation.

Such a system, which SolarCity and Tesla have been researching over the past two years, would couple Tesla’s lithium ion battery packs with SolarCity’s solar photovoltaic systems. Tesla sources small format (laptop-sized) batteries from Asian battery giants like Panasonic and bundles them together into a pack. The batteries connected to a solar rooftop would be able to store the solar energy for use when, say, a…

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