ALOSUN at Intersolar Europe

ALOSUN spent 2 jam-packed days visiting our favourite suppliers and exhibitors at INTERSOLAR EUROPE 2014 in Messe Munich. With plenty of innovation and international trends on display, we now have plenty of options to provide the latest in solar technology to the New Zealand market.

Intersolar Europe is the leading international exhibition for the solar industry. From June 4–6, 44,000 visitors flocked to Messe München, where Intersolar Europe and the electrical energy storage ees exhibition were taking place simultaneously. Covering eight large halls as well as an outdoor exhibition area, the 1100 exhibiting companies from 48 nations was a reflection of the international solar industry, with Germany, China, Austria, Italy and France boasting the most exhibitors this year. They showcased products and services along the entire solar industry supply chain over the three days.

In addition to photovoltaics PV and PV production technologies, over 250 exhibitors were at the electrical energy storage ‘ees’ exhibition presenting innovative solutions for energy storage, one of the greatest challenges facing the energy transition in the electricity market.


  • Systems that increase self-consumption in residential and small commercial grid-connected systems was one of the highlights on show this year. The suitability of some of these highly engineered products for the average New Zealand household is yet to be determined. But higher spec homes wanting energy management systems and new architectural builds with larger energy loadings will certainly benefit.
  • Solar hotwater heating directly from the PV array to the hotwater cylinder offers an exciting opportunity for retrofit in the New Zealand market. At nearly half the price of a traditional PV install. This system is also cheaper to install than solar thermal where extensive plumbing is involved. It also eliminates the hassle involved in dealing with export meters, energy networks, electricity retailers – plus all the extra fees!! We will certainly be offering this product to customers who only need to use PV to heat water to reduce their energy consumption. [Enquire today]
  • There were plenty of innovative hybrid plug-n-play systems – where the battery storage has been designed to specifically match the inverter and erratic load requirements of domestic use. An important consideration if you are using batteries. One of the better of these systems is not yet even for sale on the European market – so we may have to wait for that! [Enquire today to go on the waiting list]
  • Exciting small Solar Home Systems available for camping and off-grid bach’s – complete with TV and LED lighting at a very affordable price. This product is entering production in Germany in 2 months time. [Enquire today to go on the waiting list]


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