Eco-Shed at the A&P Show

The A&P Show: STACY SQUIRES/Fairfax NZ

The A&P Show 2012: © STACY SQUIRES/Fairfax NZ

ALOSUN and our sister company ALOAQUA will be exhibiting an off-grid ‘eco-shed’ at the Canterbury A&P Association’s annual Show mid-November.

It’s the biggest agricultural and pastoral show in New Zealand by a country mile – welcoming over 100,000 visitors, young and old alike, every year.

Come and visit our solar powered shed! Perfect for the back of the farm or bush block. Solar panels power up a small fridge, TV, LED lights and the energy efficient Intewa rainwater pump for an off-grid water supply. The advanced Purain rainwater filter ensures your water is clean and debris free.

The whole system is up for grabs!  The 10sm shed, off-grid solar system, led lights,  eco-pump, rainwater tank and filter will be up for sale at a special show price. For visitors only. Delivery included within Canterbury.

We’ll be on hand to explain our microinverter grid-tied solar system, and hybrid solar solutions (battery storage), as well as our range of beautiful and rugged Photinus solar streetlights from Austria.

Check us out near the food and wine tent on Royal Avenue.

The show runs from Wednesday 12th November to Friday the 14th, with gates open 8am until 5.30pm. Pre-purchased tickets are $22 for adults, $8 for children, or $55 for families (two adults, three children). By pre-purchasing your tickets, you’ll save money and time in the queue at The Show.