Contact Energy slashes export rate

Contact Energy has reduced their export rate from 17 cents to 8 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) excl. GST for any electricity that photo-voltaic systems export to the grid.  This is the distributed generation rate for less than 10 kilowatt peak (kWp).

Contact Energy customers who have already installed their solar system will remain on the higher export rate. Contact Energy reserve the right to change this rate at anytime but will only do so after providing 1 months notice.

Because of the fickle and complex nature of the deregulated New Zealand Electricity market, and the lack of legislation or genuine oversight by the Government around renewable energy – we have always recommended sizing solar systems to maximise self-consumption, and not to rely on export tariffs from energy retailers.

We offer two systems which help maximise self-consumption. A load management system called “Power Reducer” which sends excess generation to select household appliances first, such as your hot water tank, rather than out to the grid. And we also recommend a hybrid solar system – where excess power is used to power a battery bank for use at times of peak consumption in the evenings.