Wireless Energy Management Solution for PV Installations


A huge number of buildings, especially domestic dwellings and small buildings will have absolutely no form of energy control or -management, mostly discouraged by prohibitive costs in installing traditional hard-wired solutions.

While most Inverter, installed as part of the PV system, have a monitoring system that allows the owner to check the performance of it, most of them don’t give an overview of the energy flow within the building itself. Is energy exported or imported for example, and what is consumed within the house!

Most system owners assume that, on a sunny day, energy generated by their PV system is available and that they can switch on appliances in order to make the most out of it.

But this is an assumption as they don’t know how much energy is available at the time, as appliances could be on standby or running.  Another big constraint is that they are probably not at home at the time when there is an energy surplus.

The answer to this dilemma is a non-intrusive wireless solutions. A system that offers the owner to monitor the energy flow, generation, consumption and what is exchanged with the grid ( import/ export ). A system that helps the owner to better understand the solar home energy use, achieve energy efficiency and achieve better solar energy ROI – with ease.

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