Solar lights up carpark

A newly installed Solar Street Light from ALOSUN is lighting up a formerly dark carpark in an industrial area in Woolston.

The PROTOS80 from PHOTINUS in Austria, is a self-sustaining Solar Street Light. The energy supply is based on an efficient mono-crystalline photovoltaic module from SOLARWATT, the inclination can be adjusted to match the longitude of the location. Intelligent control with independent day- and night-time recognition enables different time programs. The highly efficient LiFePo4 battery is located in the ground section of the pole where a constant temperature is ensured and has a life expectancy of approximately 8-10 years.

Technical data: PROTOS 80 (bigger and different models available)

  • Solar Module (Solarwatt)  80W     806mmx 640mm x 34 mm, efficiency 16%
  • Battery  LiFePo4  12V 24 Ah, operating temperature -20deg to + 60deg C
  • LED Module max 3000lm, colour temp 5000 k,  Life expectancy 50.000 hours, IP 65, insect neutral light.
  • Autonomous time with battery fully charged:  4 nights

Given the short assembling and disassembling times, PROTOS is suitable for street lighting or for temporary usage wherever cordless lighting is required.

Ideal for parking lots, access roads, outdoor events, residential streets with low traffic, cycle- and foot paths and company premises.

2016-04-12 18.29.30

PHOTINUS PROTOS80, Solar Street Light