Papua New Guinea, Piva Health Centre, Torokina District, South Bougainville

The Piva Health Centre in the Torokina District in South Bougainville didn’t had any power since the generator broke down a few years ago. Nurses had to attend patients with battery torches and kerosene lamps at night. Women in labour had to find the Health Centre in complete darkness and had to give birth in the light of torches.

Piva Health Centre
ALOSUN installed a Solar System with lights, ceiling fans, a Solar Fridge and Solar Street Lights, providing light and security 24 hours a day and allowing vaccines to be stored at the centre from now on. Nurses and doctors can now charge their laptops and phones without having to borrow a small generator. Work was done utilizing local contractors and some youth from the area. The community is taking owner ship of the project and takes pride in the fact that locals helped installing the systems.
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