Papua New Guinea, Piva Health Centre, Torokina District, South Bougainville

The Piva Health Centre in the Torokina District in South Bougainville didn’t had any power since the generator broke down a few years ago. Nurses had to attend patients with battery torches and kerosene lamps at night. Women in labour had to find the Health Centre in complete darkness and had to give birth in the light of torches.

Piva Health Centre
ALOSUN installed a Solar System with lights, ceiling fans, a Solar Fridge and Solar Street Lights, providing light and security 24 hours a day and allowing vaccines to be stored at the centre from now on. Nurses and doctors can now charge their laptops and phones without having to borrow a small generator. Work was done utilizing local contractors and some youth from the area. The community is taking owner ship of the project and takes pride in the fact that locals helped installing the systems.
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Castle Neuschwanstein / Bavaria – Solar Street Lights illuminate the driveway up to the castle.

Neuschwanstein – one of the most beautiful places in the world – the Solar Street Light merkur300, from photinus, illuminates the castle driveway!



Strong – stronger – the strongest

Photinus stands for innovation, elegance and highest quality with its unique LED solar lights.  Based on these attributes, photinus developed the new merkur, a solar light with the highest possible light performance. Solar lights were only used up to illuminance class S5 until today. Now, merkur moves the field of application into another dimension. Panel performance of roughly 1000 watt can be achieved due to the sophisticated, modular tower and offers thus unexpected light performance. Therefore, solar street-, place-, or way lighting can be used – in accordance with nearly any norm –  at any place regardless of the existence of electrical infrastructure. Hereby, Photinus offers the highest operational safety and light quality even under bad weather conditions (fog, snow or smog).

From solar paradise to the alps

The vertically, specially arranged photinus high performance modules prevent snow from accumulating on it in winter and supply therefore a lot of energy – regardless of summer or winter. A sophisticated energy management system guarantees secure functionality over several nights even in poor weather conditions. The merkur family is best suited for residential streets, side streets, cycle routes and footpaths as well as car parks due to its excellent and unique light performance.


The merkur300 stands out for its exceptional, cubic design and guarantees a secure supply in all different climate zones. The merkur300 solar light is a solar powered LED street lamp, which is used in regions without electrical infrastructure or in which it would not be economically feasible to implement one. The luminaire is especially used in areas that demand a secure supply and excellent light quality even in dim conditions.

The merkur300 is able to generate sufficient energy via the diffuse light component in regions with poor weather (snow, fog, etc.) due to the cubic aluminum construction with 16 photinus High Performance photovoltaic modules. The vertically arranged modules prevent snow from accumulating on it in winter. A sophisticated energy management system guarantees secure functionality over several nights even in poor weather conditions. The merkur300 is best suited for residential streets, side streets, cycle routes and footpaths as well as car parks etc. in accordance with DIN EN13201 due to its light output.


The integrated battery is charged via 16 photinus High Performance photovoltaic modules and powers efficiently the LED array during the night.


As well as the standard anthracite colour, the merkur300 can also be ordered in other RAL colours on large projects for an additional charge.


Modules Efficiency   22.5%

Max. performance of the energy column Pmpp  336W

Protection class        IP 65


Battery    LiFePO4 | 634 Wh | 13.2V | 48Ah

Max. back-up time   6 days / latitude 47deg.

Battery life  approx. 12 – 15 years (depending on ambient temperature)


Total height from ground level   5462 mm

Height of light from ground level   5342 mm

Length of pole under ground   1200 mm

Total length of pole    6650 mm


Max. luminous flux      3000lm ( 47. latitude, 1800lm)

Max. back-up time       6 days (47. latitude, 1800lm)

Lifespan of LED           > 50 000h

Solar Street Light – protos

The new protos –
functional solar light with appealing design.

Available from ALOSUN.

The new protos is on the market and convinces with quality and attractive design:


– Beautiful mono-crystalline solar module with 80Wp and a cell efficiency of 18.5%.
– LEDs with enhanced efficiency and improved optics in the high-quality light module.
– LiFePo4 battery with 5000 cycles at 70% DOD directly integrated in the pole.
– Light pole without battery box.
– Powder-coated light pole and light case with a uniform anthracite-coloured effect.
The light output of a solar light is determined by the incident solar radiation at the respective location, which is why the quality of the individual components and their optimum interplay are of decisive importance. This requirement is fully met by the precise controls of the protos.

The protos is the new LED solar light from photinus with the best price/performance ratio. Short mounting and dismantling times make protos the perfect luminaire for temporary application in areas without grid connection. Examples are construction sites, parking areas, access roads, open air events or industrial sites.