Grid-Tied Solar

The ALOSUN GRID-TIED solar power system includes the “Elios4You” or the “Power Reducer” to maximise self-consumption!

ALOSUN design and install correctly sized solar installations that deliver solar energy to meet daily electricity needs. Yet even the smallest system will export power to the grid.  Now you can have complete control and visibility enabling you to make the most out of your grid-tied solar generation.

The POWER REDUCER is an extra device – it is a proportional controller that redirects any exporting energy to your hot water cylinder.  Contact us today to install this device – especially if you have been sold a solar system that’s too big.

This above example is of a 3 kW microinverter plant with Power Reducer  [2 kW are used by home appliances and 1 kW diverts automatically to the hot water cylinder.]

  • Proportional controller – won’t import from the grid to heat your cylinder!
  • It provides free hot water and maximizes your solar PV
  • For hot water cylinders or resistive loads up to 3 kW
  • Easy to setup – can retrofit any older solar systems. Talk to us!
  • Easy to install

Grid Connected Microinverter System – Advantages

  • Maximise your energy harvest with high efficiency microinverters.  Recent studies comparing microinverters with string-type inverters report increased energy yields of up to 26%. Microinverters function independently – so if one of the solar panels is dusty or shaded, it will not reduce the harvest of the whole array. Read this independent report
  • Safer because microinverters convert the DC power to AC power directly beneath each PV panel. There are no dangerous high voltage DC wires on your roof or through the walls of your building. These high-voltage wires can be up to 600V DC, whereas the microinverter will never exceed 50V DC.
  • Expand your system easily, simply by adding new PV/Microinverter modules. Resize to meet your changing power requirements. You are no longer locked into the size limits of a standard central inverter.
  • Reliable as there is no single point failure. With standard inverters, if one of the PV panels fails – it can reduce the harvest of the whole PV array. But with microinverters – if one of them fails or is shaded – it will not affect the rest of the array.
  • Quiet operating system – no high-pitched tones, no fans, no irritation! Extremely quiet compared with many other PV systems.
  • The Warranty. Our microinverters have a warranty of 15 years and an expected life of 25 years! This means reduced costs over the 25 year lifetime of our system.  This is 10 years more than most other solar inverters.
  • Reliable. with no moving parts likely to wear out. They work with low power so are not subject to high operating stress. Plus, they are watertight – you can put our microinverters in a bucket of water – and they’ll still work! [watch video] Rated IP67 – for temperatures between -40˚C to +65˚C.


This video is of the installation of a 10kW microinverter solar power system (40 panels). It is expected to save our customer and his tenants around $190,000 in power charges over 25 years.