Off-Grid Solar

ALOSUN OFF-GRID Solar Systems for AC and DC [275W – 8000W+]

The solar charge controller is the central and most important component in a solar stand-alone system. It controls the energy flow in the entire system and determines the system function and service life. It must be selected carefully!

ALOSUN supplies German manufactured STECA components for off-grid solar power solutions.  Steca develops top-quality products which are reliable with a long life. They are the leading supplier to the solar electronics industry, setting the international standard for solar energy systems. Different combinations and options are available, depending upon your energy load, location, and need.

Off-Grid with STECA

Solar Charge Controllers


Steca Tarom MPPT 6000-M

controls the entire energy flow in solar systems

A central control element in off-grid photovoltaic systems is the solar charge controllers. They control the entire energy flow while ensuring optimal battery maintenance. Steca lead the way internationally with their solar charge controllers, meeting every need from simple DC loads to complex 3-phase hybrid systems with the latest in battery technology.

Award winning charge controller ! The Steca Tarom MPPT 6000-M dual MPPT peak charge controller, won the renowned OTTI Innovation Prize, and the Intersolar Award 2014. This unit is for use with all types of lithium-ion batteries. With complex charging algorithms, the charge controller features battery diagnosis, a long-term data logger, interfaces and an exceptionally high efficiency.


Steca Xtender XTS

Sine Wave Inverters for operation of AC appliances

introduced into the system to convert DC voltage into AC voltage

The size of the inverter is selected according to the energy load. Steca have a large range of sine wave inverters from 275W-12V up to 8000W-48V to meet all off-grid requirements!

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